Exclusive: Roshan Prince is a nice person, very down to earth and co-operative actor – Saanvi Dhiman

Ranjha Refugee’s trailer came our recently and we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Saanvi Dhiman who plays a lead role in film against Roshan Prince. It’s the 3rd film of Saanvi after Bollywood film MMIRSA and Pollywood debut Rupinder Gandhi 2.

Ahead of the release of Ranjha Refugee, Saanvi gets into an exclusive interaction with Glamour Alert Punjabi and tells us about her shooting experience, working with Roshan Prince & Karamjit Anmol, top stars of Pollywood and the ongoing #MeToo campaign in India.

Q.What was your best experience while shooting Ranjha Refugee?

A. Umm, the best experience is that you are shooting. Rest, it was not like the shooting was so happening. The weather used to be really hot and we just used to rest in vanity after shooting. But last day, I remember, the weather was really bad and there was storm. However, we had decided to complete the shoot and we did it.

Q. Where did you shoot for the film?

A. We shot in Ganganagar.

Q. How was it working with Roshan Prince?

A. It was good. He is a nice person, very down to earth and very co-operative actor.

Q. Roshan started his career as a singer and then he became an actor too. Which quality of him do you like more?

A. (Laughs) I can’t talk much about it because I am not a singer, I am an actor.

Q. What do you think as an audience?

A. I think he sings really well.

Q. Karamjit Anmol is a really senior actor and comedian in our industry. How was it working with him?

A. He is really fun loving and made us laugh hard on the sets.

Q. He really entertains everyone in the movies, did he entertain you on the sets as well?

A.  Yes! When there used to be a call for shots, he used to speak the dialogue in a funny way and really entertained us on the sets.

Q. Now, we’ll do a fun segment. I’ll give you the name of 5 leading Pollywood actors and you have to rank them Top to Bottom according to their talent. Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Roshan Prince, Jassie Gill and Amrinder Gill.

A. First is Diljit obviously, He is right now the king of Pollywood. Second is Gippy Grewal because he started his career at relevantly same time. Next, Amrinder Gill. Now I’ve done film with Roshan ji, can’t place him at last. So 4th Roshan Prince and 5th Jassie Gill.

Q. Tell us about the Big Punjabi stars with whom you want to work in future? It can be anyone from senior Punjabi actors and current stars.

A. I would want to work with Karamvir ji, Binnu Dhillon ji and Ammy Virk ji because I really loved his last film.

Q.What are your thoughts on #MeToo campaign? Do you think it’s good or you have any inputs regarding it?

A. It happens with people in every industry. Harassment necessarily doesn’t happen only in Bollywood or entertainment industries, it happens with girls who are doing a job, or simply walking on road. I think we should not waste time on such things. We should just avoid and concentrate on our work.

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